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Your online assistant to ensure every member receives the care they need.

What Is The Hineynu Tracker?

The Hineynu Tracker connects clergy and lay leaders with congregants in need of care. It serves as a reliable assistant that reminds you of every important life cycle event within your congregation. There is no better way to keep everyone up to date than by utilizing a single source of information to learn what services need to be provided, and the ability to distribute those responsibilities accordingly.

Hineynu Tracker is a web-based service that can be accessed by anyone from any location that has a connection to the Internet. This allows the people who provide services to enter information into the Hineynu Tracker web site. There is nothing to install, so it's quick and easy to get yourself set up with the Hineynu Tracker. And because it's an online service, it's simple and less costly to maintain, and you never have to worry about software upgrades.

Hineynu Tracker keeps your priorities in order, and allows you to reach out to your congregation more frequently and more effectively.

How Does The Hineynu Tracker Work?

Whenever a congregant has a new life cycle event, it is entered into Hineynu Tracker through an online form accessed via the Internet. The clergy, lay leader or anyone providing services such as family or friends can enter the activity, follow up or any progress into Hineynu Tracker. It facilitates the coordination of services, and keeps everyone up to date on the current status of all issues. Hineynu Tracker can also send reminders and other notifications.

The Hineynu Tracker sends e-mail summaries of current issues every day. These summaries include the most recent activities that have been done for each member such as hospital visits, phone calls, meals delivered or funeral information, but will also include what still needs to be done. This keeps your finger on the pulse of everything that is happening within your congregation, and gives you the peace of mind that everyone is receiving the care they need.

Learn More about the benefits of using the Hineynu Tracker.

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Pat Neal
from Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation:

"This program has made things easier for me to help the clergy keep track of people who need extra attention. (And I don't have all those little slips of paper around.)"
Past President Phillip Rothstein
from Temple Mt. Sinai:

"Hineynu is one of the best things that ever happened to congregational software"
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