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Your online assistant to ensure every member receives the care they need.

Benefits Of The Hineynu Tracker

Hineynu Tracker allows clergy and lay leaders to work together to provide care to anyone within your congregation. By consolidating all member issues into one easy to access location, clergy and lay leaders are able to streamline their communication processes. Lay leaders can be pro-active in outlining what care needs to be provided, to whom, and by whom. Hineynu Tracker makes it simpler and easier for both clergy and lay leaders to provide the services needed by the congregation.

Daily summaries of current issues along with detailed weekly and monthly reports will organize critical information in an easy to read format. These reports allow you to see the "big picture" of what you and your lay leaders have done (and need to do) for your congregation. Detailed reports also help at board meetings by providing concrete statistics of what your congregation is doing, and help forecast what you'll need to continue providing for members in need.

Hineynu Tracker allows you to spend more time providing congregant care, and less time coordinating logistics. By using the Hineynu Tracker, you know that everything that needs to be done for the congregation is in fact being done.

There is simply no other solution available that helps you manage and simplify the coordination of services like Hineynu Tracker!

Security Of The Hineynu Tracker

Maintaining the confidentiality of the information in Hineynu Tracker is a top priority. Hineynu Tracker's security system includes advanced encryption and identity verification to ensure that only authorized users have access to personal information. Hineynu Tracker uses the same established technologies as the London Stock Exchange and Citigroup's intranet. Our servers operate in a secure data center with 24/7 surveillance and daily backups to guarantee your information is safe.

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Connie Robin
from Temple Solel:

"The Hineynu Tracker has made our job so much easier because I know just what is happening and how I can be helpful."
Rabbi Jeffrey Astrachan
from Temple Beth Elohim:

"I love the user-configurable interface. It makes this site's usefulness nearly unlimited."
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