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Your online resource center--learn about topics that can help you and your caring community.

Hineynu Library   Every community needs an archive of information that allows its members to learn from collected works on any number of subjects related to caring communities. The Hineynu Library is that resource.

Here you will find detailed information on many different topics related to congregant care. If you read something in the Blog or Forum and would like more information on that subject, you can probably find it in the Library. We have archived materials on many topics to choose from, and it's all in one convenient and consolidated location.

The Hineynu Library is designed to be a dynamic resource center with new material added all the time. Consider this collection as a comprehensive reference guide for synagogues in any stage of development in creating their own caring community.



We are always looking for new material to add to the library, so if you have an article or material you think should be included, please send it to us. In addition, if you can't find what you're looking for, send us a note and we'll see how we can help. The library can be contacted via e-mail at info@Hineynu.com.



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